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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance covers business loss from fire, theft and vandalism, including the cost to rebuild or repair businesses properties.
Costs to replace or repair damaged buildings and facilities that house businesses can be overwhelming for many companies, so most choose Commercial Property Insurance. If you rent your business facility, Commercial Property Insurance is often required.
Commercial property insurance protects your business against damage, including damage to property, including buildings, equipment, computers and inventory.
Named-Perils Policy covers only losses resulting from particular events named in the policy.
Additional coverage is available for data or records protection, computer virus protection, intangible assets (including patents, copyrights and trademarks) and off-premises property, (to protect assets at trade shows, exhibits or other off-site locations).
More complex Commercial Property Insurance is needed for some businesses, including:
Warehouse Insurance: Warehouse operators need specialized insurance coverage based on what is stored and/or shipped and the nature of the warehouse facility.
Office Building Insurance: Coverage can include building, contents, business income, equipment, accounts receivable, technology, signage and valuable papers and records.

Hotels and Motel Insurance – Hotel, Motels and Bed and Breakfast accommodations have unique insurance needs based on size, location and services offered.
Condominium Association Insurance is required for condominium complexes and is important in protecting both associations and individual condo owners.
Homeowners Associations Insurance provides coverage of common areas through a “master policy” that covers residential structures shared by all homeowners.

Inventory Insurance: Insurance for stock and inventory property is included in business insurance coverage for companies that carry significant inventories of finished products or raw materials.
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