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High-End Residential Insurance

Whether you own a high-value luxury house or condominium your property is a core financial investment that requires the right insurance coverage.
Very often high-network individuals and families pay too much for such coverage.

Golden Global High-End Residential Insurance experts know steps that can be taken to reduce cost and enhance coverage.

Recently NPR.com published a great article that took a humorous and accurate look at insurance property and casualty coverage and understanding why coverage is the way it is.
I’m covered for damage from falling objects — trees, satellites, whatever — but only if they first damage the roof or an exterior wall of my building. I kept thinking: What other damage could I have from a falling object? Schwarcz explained it to me:
“This coverage excludes scenarios in which there’s some falling object in your home, right, that’s not caused by an external force. So, let’s say that you put your favorite bowling ball right on your shelf and the bowling falls and smashes into your television.”
Bowling ball breaking the TV: not covered by my insurance policy
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High Value Home Insurance
High net worth homeowners often overpay for residential insurance that exposes their wealth to risk. The right coverage reduces risk and cost
A recent survey of 600 independent insurance agents concluded that most wealthy individuals and families overpay for residential coverage that leaves their wealth unnecessarily exposed to the risk of severe financial loss.
By working with Golden Global Insurance experts who specialize in High Value Home Insurance, families can often gain more complete protection without a significant increase in premiums.
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High Value Condo Insurance
There are some significant differences between insuring a luxury single family home and an upscale condo.
For example, condo owners are typically responsible for insuring the contents of their unit. Common area, such as hallways, pools, lobbies and building exteriors are insured by a master insurance policy funded from monthly dues in the association paid by all residents. Most master policies cover everything outside the unit’s framing. Other master policies provide additional coverage for items like additions, flooring and ceilings.
There are also a number of government regulations that condominium owners need understand in considering insurance options.
Learn more about High Value Condominium Insurance.
Golden Global Insurance experts can help you develop a High Value Home or Condominium insurance policy that covers your needs at the lowest possible cost. Call (305) 899-5125 to get started.